About Us

About Us

Silver Ridge Tangerine Sdn Bhd (765034-T) is an MSC status company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Silver Ridge Holdings Bhd.

Silver Ridge Tangerine seeks to focus on emerging markets and technologies to diversify the parent company's business and has recently been making a name for itself providing e-Billing solutions to the enterprise sector.

Now Silver Ridge Tangerine is launching a mobile application development platform; Tangerine.

Utilising Weyland Tech's powerful CreateApp engine, Tangerine allows individuals and companies to design their own mobile apps from several handy, ready-made templates. It also speeds up the design process for app developers by shortening the product design life-cycle.

With close to fifty functions and counting,Tangerine allows companies to have a presence in mobile internet and to venture into mobile commerce in the shortest period of time.