Silver Ridge are investing in technology that will improve the management of municipal solid waste in remote and isolated communities across the country. The current policy of either dumping or open burning of waste is not sustainable and creates many environmental concerns. Our belief is that all municipal waste should be processed for materials that can be recovered and reused (recycling), with any remaining waste subject to incineration processes capable or reducing their mass by up to 96%. The incineration process also removes some of the most hazardous chemicals from the waste material, reduced to flue gas during incineration and captured by pollution control systems.

By bringing these technologies to remote areas, some without access to regular collection or even power, we hope to capture harmful waste and preserve our environment for generations to come.

The mounting cost of disposing of household waste materials is being borne by both municipal councils, in terms of management operations, and the environment as dumping sites continue to grow without much regard for how waste materials are processed. We believe a solution such as this will bring great benefits to both.