SILVER RIDGE TANGERINE is a mission-focused company; our vision is to increase the adoption and deployment of MODERN GREEN SOLUTIONS improving life for future generations both in the South-East Asia region and around the world
Mission Statement
SR Tangerine

Silver Ridge Tangerine Sdn Bhd (765034-T) was established in 2006 in partnership with Bernama TV (Malaysia) and Tangerine PLT (India) to provide an innovative broadcast-to-mobile news and sports service. Adoption of the technology was difficult without widely available devices or connectivity, but a maverick spirit was instilled in the company. This ability to boldly go forward before others was recognised in 2009 when Silver Ridge Tangerine was awarded MSC Pioneer status. Over the years, SR Tangerine has lead the way supplying application building services and operating pilot schemes for the Ministry of Education and KEMAS.

Now in our 15th year, SR Tangerine has become the conduit for Alternative Energy and Green Technology solutions for the Silver Ridge group of companies. We aim to highlight common practices around the region that may be detrimental to the environment and seek a means to change things for the benefit of future generations.