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    How to start making apps with CreateApp?

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    Where do I register?

    Where do I sign-in?

    How do I edit my username and password?

    •  To edit your user name, click on more at the navigation bar ().
    •  Then click on my profile
    •  After clicking on my profile click on edit.
    •  Make necessary cha
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    How to I edit my app name, language, currency and app category?

    • To edit your app name, language, currency and app category click on more ().
    • Then click on Edit Application.
    • Make necessary changes and click on update to keep the changes.

    Can I change my registered email address?

    No, email address cannot be changed after registering.

    Is the data transferable from one app to another?

    No, data is nontransferable to other apps.

    If I move modules from active to inactive after adding data, my data will be deleted?

    No, your data will not be deleted. You can drag the same modules from inactive to active and use it immediately.

    Tutorials are available in how many languages?

    Tutorials are available in two languages. They are in English and Chinese.

    Tutorial content page

    How to start

    • Overview


    • Home
    • About us
    • Contact us
    • Menu
    • Image gallery
    • Event
    • Check in
    • Essential number
    • E-store
    • Link to website
    • Proximity notification
    • Loyalt

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    Where do I find the people who are registered with my app? And how can I edit their information.

    • For this, you need to login and go to my app user in the navigation bar
    • Reference link after sign-in is http://createappasia.com/appUsers/
    • And click on edit to change the informati

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    How to find the number of people using my apps?

    In how much time, the system will time out?

    • If you do not work on the system for 90 minutes, the system will sign out automatically.
    • Don’t forget to hit save.

    Where do I change the language of website?

    • To change the language of website, there’s a drop down on the top right corner of the website.
    • Choose any languages from English, French, German, Japan, Korea, Indonesia,

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    One app can have how many languages?

    • One app can have only one language.

    One app can have how many layouts?

    • One app can have only one layout

    Where can I contact for a quick replay?

    • You can contact at the chat box available at the right corner of the website.
    • Or you can email us at info@createappasia.com

    How can I let user read my company’s terms and condition?

    • You can type in your company’s Terms and Condition into about us tab.
    • Addition to that you also can create a form in Form wizard and allow user to accept the terms and con

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    What is the procedure of Apple developer set up?

    • Go to https://developer.apple.com/programs/
    • And set up your developer account.
    • On the next screen, read up on the program, then click Continue at the bottom to proceed.
    • Next, you'l

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    What is the procedure of Android developer set up?

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    Why does my android app appear different than the IOS app?

    • As every operating system has different native graphics and functionality that is why some graphics or features are different in Android and iOS apps."
    • But basically both applica

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    How do I publish my app? Which information is needed to publish my app?

    To publish your app, you need below listed information

    Compulsory Details:-

    • App name
    • Alternate app name
    • Key words
    • App category
    • App description
    • Features
    • Email
    • App icon: t

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    What do I do once my app is live?

    • Once your app is live you can start marketing your app.
    • Ask users to download your app by giving then quality material.
    • Take feedbacks from your trusted customer and work on th

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    How can I market my app for free?

    • Start your blog
    • Create a product video
    • Make use of social media
    • Create a Facebook page and promote it.
    • If you are using E-store, offer promotional prices.

    How do I create a new app?

    • You need to publish the current app to create a new app into the existing account.

    How can a mobile app help in my business?

    • Mobile technology has taken the world by storm largely because of the applications that users are able to download and use on their smart phones. They provide customers

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    Why my android phone cannot install the preview app?

    There may be many reasons for this:

    • May be your device doesn’t fulfill the minimum version requirement of the application. For running this application your device. Androi

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    Why my IOS phone cannot install preview app?

    • Go to settings
    • Select  general
    • Select profile
    • Tap on Technopreneur’s Resource Centre Private Limited

    How do I sign up as a reseller?

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    How do I bring inactive modules to active modules?

    • Go to feature tab andSimply drag the module you want from inactive (right side) to the active module (left side)

    How to change the name and icon of the module?

    • To change the name click on the edit button (pencil shape on top right) and type the name you want to appear in app under Tab Title.
    • For changing the icon, choose the icon image

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    How do I restrict few modules for non-registered members so that they sign up and use the function?

    • To restrict the function to the registered user only, click on the edit button (pencil shape on top right) and tick the members only checkbox.
    • After clicking on members only, hi

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    If I move active module with content to inactive module, my data will be deleted?

    • No, your data will not be deleted.

    Which modules do not require any editing?

    Below are the list of modules which do not require any editing.

    • Camera
    • Fan wall
    • Notepad
    • Feedback
    • Split bill
    • Sport score
    • Reservation
    • Voice record
    • Mortgage calculator
    • App

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    Where can I add the data into the module

    Go to content tab and select any module on the top, and start filling up the necessary details. Once the data is add, click create/save to keep the changes. 

    May I use higher/lower pixels from the mentioned pixels in website?

    For the accurate look and feel, try to use the mentioned pixels into the website. For sizing your image please take a look at design tutorials at “http://createappasia.com/users

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    How do I download the demo kit to preview my app into my phone?

    Go to Play Store and/or App Store and search or QR Code Reader. Download any QR reader app and scan the QR code provided into the website for viewing your app

    After downloading what should I do to see the preview?

    Once you download the demo app, enter the app code provided on the right side of QR code.

    How do I see the preview after I make changes into website?

    For seeing the preview after you make changes, you need to close your app and open again. Basically you need to refresh your app to see the changes.

    Is there any other way to see the live preview?

    Yes, you can see the preview on the mobile phone shown at the preview tab page

    What is the procedure to publish an app

    • To publish your app, go to publish tab and fill all your app information
    • Choose yearly/ monthly plan and click on place an order.
    • For payment, click on checkout with PayPal.
    • If

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    How many days do I have to wait for my app to be on Play store/ App store?

    • About 10 to 14 days. Once you finalize your design, content and submit for publishing. We will submit to both iTunes App Store and Android Market within 48 hours. We will contact

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    Can I change my publishing details once I place an order?

    • No, once the app is published online it’s not possible to change any details. You need to re-publish if any data need to chnage.
    • This may take 10 - 14 days to see on Play

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    Is it easy to change the content once the app is live?

    • Once your app is live, after that you can still manage (upload /edit / delete) your content easily

    How many layouts are available?

    • There are 7 layouts. One app can have one layout at a time.
    • The list of layouts are as below.   - Simple design
       - Bottom Tab Scroll - Easy Contact  

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    Where can I change the layouts for apps?

    • For changing the layout, you need to go in Content tab.
    • After going to content tab, on your right there is a select layout tab.
    • Choose the best layout for your business and hit

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    Description of each layout

    Simple design: This layout is the simplest design which will be set default for all the apps when you signup.

    Bottom tab scroll: This layout will allow user to scroll all the func

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    Images are not moving in Image galley? How can I change the settings?

    • Go to Image gallery tab in content page.
    • Then click on SETTINGS and tick on slide show

    How many images I can upload in gallery?

    • Unlimited images can be uploaded.

    Is there any number of limit to the number of categories in E-store?

    • Unlimited number of categories can be saved.

    Is sub-categories functionalitty available?

    • No, E- store don’t have sub categories function

    Can I upload multiple images of product in e-store?

    • You can upload unlimited images into the description of a particular product.

    What are the formats can category page take?

    • Mostly images takes JPEG format

    How many ways of payment available?

    Below are the list of payment modes available.

    • PayPal
    • Ali Pay and
    • Credit/ Debit cards

    Where can I add PayPal and Ali pay business ID?

    • To add PayPal and Ali Pay business ID go to E-store
    • Click on Add Payment Details.
    • Add your business ID in the text box provided.

    How do I get my e-store images on home page? (This is applicable for M-commerce layout only)

    • Go to E-store module
    • Then add category followed by add product.
    • At the end of product description there is a check box named show on mobile home
    • Tick that checkbox to see the

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